What is an RGB LED strip, how is it different from a regular one, and how to connect it?

RGB-лента Разновидности лент и светодиодов

RGB LED strip is a versatile decorative element that is very popular. The right lighting can transform any room. In addition to this, it is worth considering the reduced price of the tape and the possibility of buying it in almost any digital equipment store.
RGB strip lights up in different colors

Characteristics of RGB LED strips

The main characteristics of RGB LED strips that a buyer should pay attention to are:

  • Voltage . The most important point on which it depends whether the tape will work in certain conditions. According to this parameter, there are 3 main types of tapes: 12V, 24V and 220V. The first is the most common option, it is he who is considered in this article. The other two are more professional and narrowly focused options.

Incorrect voltage calculation may result in fire. Before buying an RGB LED strip, you must correctly calculate all the parameters.

  • Diode brightness . The most common are 2 types – with a brightness of about 5 lm and 15 lm.
  • Number of LEDs per meter . Everything is simple here: the more of them, the brighter. But this is not always good: you need to take into account the increasing power consumption and heat dissipation, otherwise the tape will quickly fail. There are options for 30, 60 and 120 LEDs per meter. You can find models with a double row, respectively, they have twice as many elements.
  • Moisture protection . This function is needed if you need to place the tape in a humid environment (bathroom, sauna, etc.). Such models may have problems with overheating.

The main difference and advantage of this type of tape is that each crystal has a red, green and blue diode. For ordinary ribbons, it has one color. Therefore, the RGB tape can burn in any desired colors.

Many people do not know the difference between an ordinary LED strip and an RGB strip. At the same time, the difference in price for models of the same length may differ by 2 times.

Another important difference and advantage of this option was the possibility of more flexible settings for the necessary lighting. So you can create the necessary environment and save energy, because the RGB tapes are controlled by a remote control with the ability to adjust not only the color, but also the brightness of the lighting.
RGB tape and how it works

Principle of operation

Even a child who has mastered the basics of mixing colors in drawing lessons can understand how an RGB LED works. When mixing red, green and blue, you can get all other colors and shades. The LED can light up all three colors and mix them, which results in the desired color.

The main types of RGB LED strips

Different types of tapes differ in direction, type of glow, additional characteristics:

  • Waterproof . They often decorate the facades of buildings and signs, installed inside aquariums, in bathrooms.
  • With 3528 format LEDs . These are small diodes, they fit more on the tape, but they are not very bright.
  • With 5050 format LEDs . Larger diodes. There are fewer of them on the tape, but they are much brighter.
  • RGBW tapes . They have an additional element that is responsible only for white color, which allows for more natural lighting.
  • Ribbons with Pixel Light function . It is possible to set a specific program separately for each element. For home use, such products are rarely used.

Application area

You can use RGB LED strips anywhere: in residential and public buildings, in the interior and exterior. They are mainly used for decoration. For practical use in order to illuminate an area, ordinary white light is suitable. Therefore, it is not advisable to use RGB for this.

Connecting an RGB tape

Connecting the tapes is quite simple. There are 4 contacts: three are responsible for each color, and the fourth is for power. RGBW has one more – for white.
Connecting an RGB strip to a controllerConnecting an RGB tape depending on the type of controller If you need to get one long tape, you can connect different tapes together. The safest way to do this is by soldering, but this can be inconvenient, especially if you have no experience with a soldering station. In this case, it is recommended to use special connectors. They are of different types:

  • for connecting tapes into one;
  • for connection to the power supply;
  • for connection to the network 220V;
  • for different LEDs (3528, 5050, etc.).

Connecting a multi-color LED strip

Connectors are inexpensive and easy to install, but oxidize rather quickly, especially in high humidity.

RGB controller and amplifier

A multi-colored ribbon loses almost all of its meaning if it is not controlled by a controller. This is a small device that connects to the tape and allows the user to customize how it works. You can set the brightness, speed, colors, transfusion modes, glow.

Given the brightness of the RGB strip, it will only produce maximum values ​​when all three diodes are engaged, which is rare. But still, in order not to miscalculate, it is better to take models of the power supply and controller with a power margin.

Controllers differ in the type of control. It can be done directly from the device itself or from the remote control using a radio signal. More advanced versions connect to a Wi-Fi network, which will enable control from a smartphone or computer. Amplifiers are an addition that allows you to unleash the potential of RGB. They are used for different purposes. Some models amplify the remote control signal to control lighting over a long distance. Others are used to increase the power of the controller’s signal to a long tape (i.e. by connecting several tapes, the amplifier will allow the second and subsequent tapes to burn equally brightly). There are also amplifiers that repeat the signal from the controller. They are used in large tapes at a certain distance from each other. Amplifiers give you more precise control over large RGB tape projects. How to install and connect an RGB strip, choose a power supply and a controller is described in this video: https://youtu.be/3z22Zjkv2oc?t=10 RGB strips with multi-color LEDs are a great way to give a unique look to any interior or exterior. Installing such lighting is not difficult, since the base of the tape is self-adhesive. It is recommended to glue the tape on a heat-conducting surface (not on wallpaper or drywall), ideally on an aluminum profile. Installing such lighting is not difficult, since the base of the tape is self-adhesive. It is recommended to glue the tape on a heat-conducting surface (not on wallpaper or drywall), ideally on an aluminum profile. Installing such lighting is not difficult, since the base of the tape is self-adhesive. It is recommended to glue the tape on a heat-conducting surface (not on wallpaper or drywall), ideally on an aluminum profile.

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