Подключение светодиодных ламп на 12 вольтПодключение
Features and connection of 12 volt LED lamps
With the development of electrical engineering, the traditional incandescent lamp is no longer the only option for home lighting. 12V LED lamps have gained
Рассчитывает мощность светодиодных лампПодключение
How to calculate the required power of LED lamps?
Common types of lamps on the Russian market are halogen, fluorescent, standard incandescent lamps and LED light sources. Of all categories, LEDs are leading today.
Светодиодная панельРазновидности лент и светодиодов
How to choose and install LED panel?
The LED panel is a luminaire consisting of several LEDs and powered by a 220 V network. The LEDs are covered with a diffuser – a transparent or matte “plafond”.
Подсветка кухни при помощи светодиодовМонтаж
Kitchen lighting with LEDs: options and installation
Chandeliers are gradually losing their leadership positions, and they are being replaced by original and stylish lamps with LEDs. This option is especially
Светодиодная лампа для аквариумаМонтаж
How to choose the right LED aquarium light?
An aquarium is a habitat for fish, vegetation, shrimps, snails, etc. Most of the inhabitants cannot fully exist without lighting. Often the sun’
Светодиодная лампочка в рукеРазновидности лент и светодиодов
Features of the choice and use of LED bulbs
Prices for energy resources, including electricity, are quite high, so consumers are interested in LED lamps. And lower prices for these economical lamps
Прожектор аккумуляторный светодиодныйРазновидности лент и светодиодов
Characteristics of rechargeable LED spotlights, and their choice
Rechargeable LED spotlight is a versatile lighting device that is useful in a variety of situations. Devices are suitable for home and summer cottage
Причины мерцания светодиодной лампочкиПодключение
Why is the LED lamp flashing and how to solve the problem?
The flickering and flashing of LED lamps is not only unpleasant for the eyes, but also harmful. The reasons for the undesirable phenomenon lie both in
Линейные светильники для натяжных потолковМонтаж
Features of the design and installation of linear luminaires for stretch ceilings
Proper lighting affects not only the aesthetics and beauty of the interior, it also affects the state of the microclimate in the room. The best lighting
Ремонт светодиодных лампПодключение
Types of breakdowns, and self-repair of LED lamps
LED lamps are superior to competitors in almost all positions. But, despite the stated service life, some devices burn out even before the end of the warranty period.